Thunderstorms 2007

by Michael Oster

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Michal Moravec
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Michal Moravec I love storms. And this is definitely one badass storm. Perfect sound, just like you were there.
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You think you've heard my thunder?

If you saw "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" then you did... but, THIS IS EVEN BETTER! This is the most BADASS thunder I've ever recorded!

What? Did I just say... "Better than the thunder in an Oscar-nominated Feature Film?" YES I did, and I mean it!
("Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Dead Man's Chest" was nominated for an Oscar in best sound and thunder from my 1999 CD release "Suburban Thunder" was used in the film)

**** Another thunderstorm CD? ****

They laughed when I said I released a new thunderstorm CD!
Then they heard it.

You don't just hear my thunder... You EXPERIENCE IT. This CD is as close to "real life" as you can get without sticking your head outside in the middle of a violent storm! *** That's where I stuck my microphones!

Animals can hear the difference. I know you can!

That's right. For almost 14 years, people around the world (yes, world) have been using my 1999 thunderstorm CD release, "Suburban Thunder" to successfully train their dogs. And that was a recording that I made 10 years ago....

I had almost 10 years of additional professional recording experience to draw upon when I made Thunderstorms 2007. And it shows. Thunderstorms 2007 packs more energy and more sonic reality onto a CD than a CD deserves!

So, get a Thunderstorms 2007 CD (or "on demand" download) and hear what a REAL recording sounds like!

WARNING: The thunder on this CD can get loud very quickly! I strongly suggest that you keep your playback volume low in order to protect your speakers. If you plan to ignore this, don't come crying to me if you blow your speakers. Thanks.


released April 28, 2008

Michael Oster



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Michael Oster Tampa, Florida

You may not have heard of me, but chances are, you've heard my sounds.

I started my professional career in 1992 and my sounds have appeared in feature film, television, computer games, radio, and lots of other interesting places.

Please visit my website for complete details.
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